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Internet Services

Fully Managed Digital Communications Network

Communication is the backbone of any business. That's why 433 Serviced Office Centre has built a state-of-the-art digital communications network providing voice and data to each office in the centre.

433 Serviced Office Centre offers each tenant high-speed, reliable and hassle-free internet access. High-speed internet access eliminates the frustration of intermittent access and lengthy delays. By managing the system in-house, we are able to provide you with all the power of a large, fully-managed network, at an affordable cost.

What your office receives;

  • High-speed, 24/7, fully manages internet access with consistently high speeds
  • No more line rentals from Telstra. We replace your current ISP completely, so no more line rentals and poor service
  • Download unlimited data on our high-speed network
  • Fully-managed internet and network security, 2 server firewalls and network intrusion protection systems help secure your data